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General Information

Openings and Closings

Getting ready for summer or winter? We can help get you there from getting your pool started to helping you clear it up or closing it down and giving you peace of mind through the winter.

Most openings and closings can be done in an hour or less. If time exceeds this due to water bag cover, an additional fee will apply. Extra pumps also increase price. This includles, but is not limited to, spa pumps, waterfall pumps, and fountain pumps. Cleaner booster pumps will not be charged this fee unless there is more than one.


Do you need someone to take care of your pool while you’re away? Need help every week? We can do that too! We can accommodate your needs. Send an email or text and we can get you a quote. Also feel free to call!

Winter service is also available if you need snow removed from your cover or your water level drained because your pump broke or you don't have a pump.

Plumbing repair

Swimming pools move a lot of water through a closed circuit of plumbing. Over years, treated water can corrode and damage flexible pipes, which many companies use underground for swimming pools. Threaded fittings can also wear out and leak. The unfortunate event of a quick unforeseen freeze, tree roots growing near underground plumbing or water somehow getting trapped during a closing can cause damage.

We are able to fix all of these problems, and each job will be bid based on the amount of work and products needed. Call to schedule your appointment today for a free estimate. (Any underground work is subject to open bidding due the the condition not being visible before finding the problem).

Safety Covers

We install custom safety covers. For a fee of $50, we will have your pool measured. If you choose to use us, that $50 will be applied to the purchase of your cover. All quotes include hardware and installation.

Winter Service

Mesh cover and no pump? Is your pool overflowing? We can come drain your pool back down before a freeze.

Heavy snow and need to get the weight off your cover? We can do that too!

Pump failed and you need a new one? Give us a call. We will drop it off and set it up for a low fee. You don’t even have to go outside.


Openings include removal or cover, folded, and taken to your desired location. (Does not include cleaning cover and location is subject to be denied if cover is put on too high of a shelf).

We will vacuum for ~20 minutes, add D.E. And test all of your equipment. 

If any problems arise,  we will notify you, quote repair, and schedule to come back to fix, unless we are able to do so that day. 

Chemicals are not included but can be brought at an extra charge upon request. (Prices subject to current rate/handling).

Closings include winterization of lines in the closed circuit attached to pool. Putting on safety Cover, cleaning filter, removing all equipment plugs, putting bottles in skimmers to maximize protection against freezing, an algaecide and a stain prevention chemical. Chlorine can be added at customers request, but in our experience, it has made little difference.

We do not bring equipment inside unless specifically asked and at an additional charge, as closing typically take the same amount of time as opening the pool.

We do not clean pool at time of closing unless requested at schedule for an additional cost.

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